Announcing the WordPress for beginners course!

I'm more than happy to announce the WordPress for Beginners course, which is now available on YouTube. With the launch of this course I hope to help you in learning WordPress and make creating good websites accessible for everybody.

The course is available completely free of charge, with no strings attached. As of today, there's just over an hour of content available, and this will be joined by many hours of content in the coming months. At the present, I have already shot more than 4 hours of video in addition to the ones currently available.

As of February 17, 2017, the following videos are available.

    1. WordPress Course Introduction
    2. Why WordPress?
    3. Choosing WordPress Hosting
    4. Installing WordPress (featuring Installatron and Manual Install)
    5. A tour of the WordPress Dashboard
    6. Choosing a theme
    7. Essential plugins

Besides the WordPress basics, I have created videos surrounding the creation of a landing page, creating a e-commerce site and much more. With such projects, I will also provide the files used to create the project, free of charge. It is my intention to be posting videos on a very regular basis, main constraint being how fast I can edit them.

This website will also carry video notes. They are not complete blog posts, but will rather feature some of the highlights as well as links to all plugins, themes mentioned in any video.

I'm very much still looking to expand the course, so I'm more than happy to entertain suggestions from all of you regarding what topics should be covered in the course. Feel free to reach out me and I will definitely give the suggestion some serious consideration.

I'm really excited about this new project, and I hope you find it of added value. I have taught WordPress in person in the past, and it's really cool now to put all this knowledge online where everybody can access it whenever they like.

If you would like to stay up to date about the project, please feel free to subscribe to the mailing list. The Facebook Page, our Google+, Twitter and Instagram accounts will all be posting whenever a new video becomes available.

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